Friday, November 12, 2010

New Tool Helps Consumers Find "Best Buys" on Prescription Drugs

With the wide variety of prescription drugs available on the market today, knowing which drugs are safe, effective, and reasonably priced is not always easy. However, an online tool recently launched on AARP's website can help. AARP's new Drug Savings Tool guides consumers through the confusion of prescription drug choices in three easy steps.
  1. First, you are prompted to enter the name of the drug you are looking for (the tool has information on 500 prescription drugs).
  2. Next, a list of prescription drug options is produced that allows you to compare the price of the drug you searched with the prices of comparable prescription drugs that are on Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs list.
  3. Finally, the tool provides information on the safety and effectiveness of the prescription drugs on your list of options, giving "Best Buy" recommendations in addition to offering drug reports and summaries that can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

AARP hopes to see the information offered through the Drug Savings Tool facilitate discussion between patients and healthcare providers concerning prescription drug options. Patients are encouraged to bring the list of drug choices produced using the savings tool to their next doctor's appointment to review with their healthcare provider. In doing so, a patient and doctor can work together to make the best prescription drug choice for the patient.

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