Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If You Receive Food Stamps and You Lost Food Through Hurricane Irene, You Can Get Replacements

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program logoFrom our friends at Community Legal Services

Do you get food stamps?
Did you lose food during a power outage or flood?
Ask for replacement food stamps to get new food!

If you get food stamps and you lost food during a power outage or flood, tell the welfare office right away. You may qualify for replacement food stamps.

To get replacement food stamps, you must ask within 10 days of when your food spoiled. Contact your local welfare office or the Philadelphia Customer Service Center at (215) 560-7226. Better yet, put your request in writing and get a receipt.

You will have to complete a form saying how much food you lost. The law allows you to get replacement food stamps for the amount of food that you lost -- up to one month’s benefits.

You may also have to prove that you had a power outage or flood. To get proof from PECO, call (800) 494-4000.

If your power is still off, call PECO at (800) 841-4141 to make sure PECO knows.

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