Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Action Verbs for Resumes

Do you want to make your resume sound more professional? Then spruce it up with some action verbs!

Using action verbs like "communicated," "developed," or "supervised" to exemplify your job skills will help employers to take notice of your experiences, and might give you a step up above another competing candidate.

Here are some examples of weak resume statements, which can be improved by using action verbs:

Example #1:

Weak: Report writing and editing

Action: Wrote and edited reports varying in length from 5 to 100+ pages

Example #2:

Weak: Good communication skills

Action: Communicated effectively with clients and staff to achieve desired outcomes

Example #3:

Weak: New hire training coordinator

Action: Coordinated various training activities for new hires

It is important to remember that action verbs and details like the ones in the above examples make your resume much more interesting and appealing to employers. Check out the links below for some suggestions for finding the right words to use:

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