Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Training to Earn EMT Certification

If you are at your best in an emergency, this training might be for you.

PathWays PA, a Holmes-based nonprofit organization, has partnered with Delaware County Community College to offer free training for Emergency Medical Technician certification.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) respond to situations that can vary from heart attacks to automobile accidents. “EMT training is a great way to combine a desire to help others with the ability to earn a good, family-supporting income,” said Lyn Kugel, Director of Self-Sufficiency Projects for PathWays PA. On average, EMTs in Delaware County earn $30,000 per year.

PathWays PA’s training prepares technicians for any situation they might face. The program combines a six-week class study support class focusing on math and English skills with the certification trainings. Participants first complete CPR certification, and then complete First-Responder training (50 hours of training over four weeks) and 77 hours of EMT training through the community college.

EMT classes at PathWays PA are open to individuals who are currently unemployed, who have limited employment, or who meet income eligibility requirements. People who are interested in serving others, who can think and take action quickly, and who are willing to work with everyone are encouraged to apply.

In addition to quick reaction times and a willingness to work with others, EMT participants should also be able to lift 125 pounds 33 inches off the ground and carry it for 10 feet.

For more information, email Jennifer Oglesbee .

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